Terms and Conditions

Effective 19th June, 2015

Article 1 ( General Terms and Conditions)

1.      This terms and conditions apply to database on accommodation booking website which International Travel Service operates.( This website contains information about the facility, room rate, cancel policy and others.)

These Terms and conditions apply when the companies or individuals make bookings for their customers using this website.

2.      Condition of the booking only applies when the booking number is provided, booking confirmation is sent by e-mail and the full payment is made.

3.      We provide the access information to the user. The user can access to this website online, make bookings and payments. The user will make payment to us.

4.      You can only make individual bookings up to 9 but not for a group of 10 or more online. Please contact us if you need to make a group booking.


Article 2 (Using this website)

1.      We provide log-in ID and password to the user.

2.      All rates are quoted in Japanese Yen, or as otherwise indicated. This Yen amount is based on the local currency converted to Japanese Yen using the daily exchange rate. Therefore the Yen rate varies every day. Exchange rate at the time of booking applies for any future change or cancelation once booked and paid. It is essential that you check the inclusions of the rate shown at the time of booking.

3.      The rate shown does not include the tip ( to the porter, driver, tour guide and so on ), minibar, parking or food and beverage consumption unless otherwise stated. Please pay these directly to the hotel or other service providers if necessary.

4.      The user cannot sell the customer lower than the rate shown on the website. It has to be the exact same rate or higher.

5.      Any condition including the rate is subject to change or cancel without notice due to unforeseen circumstances.

6.      The user makes the payment to us by the following methods;


1)      The user can pay us by credit card by inserting the credit card details online.

2)      We keep the credit card details as strictly confidential.

3)      The amount for the booking is debited without card holder’s signature.

4)      The user needs to keep the statement issued by credit card company as the receipt of the payment.

5)      We shall not be responsible for any problem occurred between the card holder and the credit card company.

7.      After the payment is made, you can select “Booking Voucher” in the “Customer’s booking details”. You can print the customer information, important notice and emergency contact detail together with the voucher.

8.      You can only make booking up to 4 days from the check-in. However, in case it shows “Still Available”, you can still make bookings.

9.      Please be aware that some of the hotels do not accept bookings for minor ( aged 18-21 but this age varies from country to country or hotel to hotel). Please advise us if you are requested to make bookings for minor staying without adults. We will check with the hotel where the minor wants to stay. Please be aware if the hotel does not accept the minor, we suggest her (or him) to be accompanied by adults or book a different hotel. Please also be aware we shall not be responsible if you fail to advise us in advance that the guest is a minor and she (or he) is refused to stay. We shall also not be responsible for any additional fees and charges incurred by this.

10.  We are not responsible for any issue related to the customer’s health or visa related matter. We strongly suggest that the customer buys the travel insurance policy to avoid extra fees and charges incurred by unexpected accident or illness. Please be aware if you want to cancel or change the booking, the fee may apply. Please read the cancel policy before you make a booking.

11.  User needs to be fully aware of the cancel policy before ending the transaction.

12.  Please be aware when there is a special event like exhibition, conference or meeting at the hotel, there may be additional condition. Pease read through all the conditions before you pay.

13.  If you make the original payment by credit card, the money will be refunded to the same credit card. Any additional fees and charges if any will be debited from the same credit card initially used. Please be aware the refund process may take up to 7 days or more depending on the credit card company.

14.  Please make sure to present the voucher at the time of check-in. The voucher is your booking confirmation. You may be charged again if you fail to do so.

15.  If you have a problem during your stay, please inform the hotel immediately. Should they be unable to resolve the matter, immediately contact us. If you fail to timely contact us, we will not be permitted the opportunity to investigate your complaint and attempt to rectify any error, and this may affect your rights under the agreement. Please make sure to contact us within no later than a month after you check-in.




Article 3 ( Accommodation)

1.      Category of the room you book is usually a standard room unless it’s specified at the time of booking. The room is usually assigned on the day of check-in ( this is called “Run of the House”.) Please be aware that you cannot request a different room type. The interior and the size of the room may be different depending on the hotel. This is often the case at European style accommodation. Some rooms have shower only, bath tub only and the others have both shower and bathtub. You may only use the common bathroom where you share the bathroom with other guests.

2.      The facility may be different from hotel to hotel. Please check the information carefully when you make a booking.

3.      Please be careful not to make double booking under the same name, date and the room type. The hotel may cancel both bookings. This could also happen when the customer makes the booking directly with the hotel or through another company. This may happen even if the date, room type, class of the room and number of nights are different.


Article 4 (Responsibility)

1.      We are not responsible for anything else other than the accommodation bookings.

2.      We do not accept any liability of whatever nature for this acts, omissions or default, whether negligent or otherwise, of those service providers in connection with your convention pursuant to a contract between them and yourselves and over whom we have no direct control. We do not accept liability in contract or in tort for any injury, damage, loss (of luggage, cash, stocks and bonds, important documents, photographed film, purchased goods and other valuables), delay, additional expenses or inconvenience occurred directly or indirectly by force majeure or other events which are beyond our control, or which are not preventable by reasonable diligence on our part including, but not limited to unusual severe weather, war, civil disturbance, infectious disease, industrial action, food poisoning and so on.

3.      We are not liable for any damage or loss caused to you or customer directly or indirectly. If circumstances necessitate for us to cover some cost, it will not be more than the accommodation rate.

4.      We assure you that we do our best to provide the most accurate information about the accommodation but please be aware that we are not liable for any additional fees and charges incurred to you and your customer in case the information provided is either lacking of different.



5.      If there is any issue (including some mechanical problems like system down) caused by provider of the accommodation or the company who operates the system and that results the inconvenience to you or your customer, we are not liable outside the agreed guarantee.

6.      We will offer the customer an alternative accommodation if the customer cannot stay at a hotel booked if it is our fault in some ways. In that case, we will try our best to arrange the similar accommodation that was booked originally. Even if the accommodation we arrange is higher grade than the original accommodation, we will not charge customer any surcharge and we will refund the difference in value if the accommodation we arrange is lower grade in this case but we are not liable for any other fees and charges caused by this. If there is any alternate accommodation available, we will compensate in some way after the discussion with the user. However, we are not liable for any fees and charges other than the accommodation. We will not deal with the customer directly with this matter.


7.      We are not responsible for any dispute between user and customer regarding any payment issue unless the problem is caused by us.


Article 5 ( Matters required mutual understanding)

1.      The user cannot publicise any information about the accommodation uploaded on this website

2.      The user cannot change, amend or add any information to the content publicized on this website.

3.      The user cannot deal directly with the system operator.

4.      The user cannot run the website that is identical or similar to this website.

5.      The user is responsible for keeping the log-in ID and password strictly confidential. Please advise us immediately if you lost them or you think they were passed to the third party for some reason. If you intentionally pass those information to the third party and that causes a problem, you are fully liable for any fees and charges incurred. In that case you have to pay us immediately.

Article 6 ( Suspension of this website )

1.      We will suspend the operation of this website if any of the followings occur. We will inform the user in advance in that case.

1)      When we think the site should be closed for security reasons.

2)      When it needs system maintenance for updates, restructuring or repair.

3)      When the computer is affected by virus.

2.      We will suspend the operation of this website if any of the followings occur without any notice.

1)      When we think it needs urgent attention or repair.

2)      When the operation of this website becomes unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances like fire, power outage, earthquake, flood, war, civil war or riot.

3)      When the system operating company or the operating system of the accommodation are suspended, maintained or failed.

3.      If we have to suspend due to the reasons stated 1 and 2, we will immediately advise the user the date it will be suspended, schedule of resumption and we will do our best to restart as soon as possible.

4.      We are not liable for any fees and charges incurred by reasons stated 1 and 2.

5.      When the user stops using this website, the user has to return the log-in ID and password to us immediately for any reason whatsoever.

Article 7 (Modification of Terms and Conditions)

We have the right to modify this Terms and Conditions at any time. We will update the modified Terms and Conditions on the website in advance unless it is urgent. It is essential that you check the Terms and Conditions each time before use this website. If you use the site soon after the Terms and Conditions are modified, we consider you are still fully aware of the modified Terms and Conditions.